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Metal Ceiling System

The ceiling is among the very first things that people see when they enter a place. When it comes to room aesthetics, ceiling plays an important role as the top of the room offers the largest unimpeded view of the entire interior. And this is one of the major reasons why it becomes so crucial to decorate the roofs carefully. Not only the beauty but ceiling offers several other benefits also. Some of them include controlling room temperature, hiding messy wiring systems, making rooms compact and cosy, reducing noises, and many others. Thus, it is important to plan your budget for the proper ceiling when doing the interiors.

Metal Ceiling Systems

Ceilings can be classified into several types depending upon their appearances or constructions. The metal ceiling is one of them. Over the past years, the metal ceiling has become quite popular as compared to the gypsum or foam board ceilings for non-residential buildings, such as offices, shopping complexes, hospitals and airports. The metal ceiling offers a number of advantages in terms of durability, strength, accessibility and comfort.

Advantages of Metal Ceiling Systems

Generally in official buildings, electrical systems carry conduits and wires in a large quantity as compared to the domestic systems. Apart from them, environmental controlling and security equipment such as cameras are also fitted on the ceilings. These all need regular maintenance and occasional repairs which include the regular opening of the ceiling or stepping on the pans. Metal panels, being mechanically processed, play a crucial role in providing resistance to breakage or cracks as compared to traditional materials.


Every construction is a unique project on its own. For all these unique and creative design requirements, metal panels can be easily customized. Besides, the manufacturing processes help these customized panels to retain strength for any design and shape.


Metal ceilings offer incredible acoustics performance. These panels absorb the noise of the room and reflect sound efficiently so it doesn’t create an echo. These panels are highly recommended for large areas such as schools, offices, halls etc.


The metal ceiling panels come in different colours and designs. The panels also support coating with any colour and chrome finish to match with the styles and texture of the interior of the buildings. Moreover, these can be used as bare-metal also with a little powder coating, brushing, or polishing.

Water & Fire Resistant

Metal ceilings are resistant to both the water and fire. That means moisture and leaks cannot stain or crumble the metallic panels. Several tests have proven that metal panels are resistant to a high degree of heat and fire also.

Cleaning & Maintenance

When compared to the traditional materials of the ceiling, metal ceilings are easy to clean as well as maintain. The metal pans can be washed, polished and painted with normal methods and no special techniques or additional costs are needed. Metal ceilings offer excellent results in all levels. Their flexible designs and durable strength are easy on the pocket. At Gabsons, the ceiling solutions are produced by employing the highest industry standards of manufacturing and designing. You can contact us for more details!

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